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By Gerald O'Collins

Regardless of an extended heritage of exterior threats and inner strife, the Roman Catholic Church and the wider phenomenon of Catholicism stay an enormous and priceless presence into the 3rd millennium of worldwide background. What are the origins of the Catholic Church? How has Catholicism replaced and tailored to such enormous and various cultural impacts over the centuries? What nice demanding situations does the Catholic Church now face within the twenty-first century, either inside of its personal lifestyles and in its relation to others all over the world? during this Very brief creation, Gerald O'Collins attracts at the top present scholarship on hand to respond to those questions and to give, in transparent and available language, a clean advent to the biggest and oldest establishment on this planet. O'Collins explains truly and concisely the place the Catholic Church comes from, what it believes and practices, the sacraments and the Church's ethical instructing, and the place it really is heading. The ebook additionally contains a timeline of occasions within the background of Catholicism and worthy feedback for additional reading.

About the sequence: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and elegance, Very brief Introductions provide an advent to a few of life's finest themes. Written by way of specialists for the newcomer, they display the best modern considering the valuable difficulties and concerns in hundreds of thousands of key subject matters, from philosophy to Freud, quantum conception to Islam.

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A hundred thirty Komonchak, J. A. 131 Kuhn, E. 134 L Lagrange, M. -J. forty four Las Casas, Bartolomé de 30, 50 Lateran Council, Fourth fifty nine, eighty one Leo the good, Pope (St) 14, 89 Leo X, Pope 37 Leo XIII, Pope forty four, ninety seven, one zero one Levillain, P. one hundred thirty liberation theology 50, 118 a hundred and forty N pilgrimages 23–4, forty three, 108 Pio of Petralcina, St (Padre Pio) 23 Pirckheimer, C. forty two Pius V, Pope (St) 27 Pius VI, Pope forty three Pius IX, Pope (Blessed) 44–5, 136 Pius XI, Pope 33, a hundred, a hundred and one, 124 Pius XII, Pope forty six, eighty five, ninety eight Pizarro, F. 29 Plato 116 Pogorelc, A. 134 Presbyterians 38 clergymen five, 7, eighty, eighty four, 118, 126–7 prophets 6, eighty five purgatory 39, sixty seven, ninety five Nagle, N. 35 Napoleon Bonaparte forty three Nero, Emperor eight Neuner, J. one hundred thirty Newman, J. H. forty four, 119, 134, 136 Nicaea, First Council of nine, 10, 12–14 Noonan, J. T. 133 Norman, E. 131 O unique sin 39, 63–4 Orthodox Christianity 14–16, forty nine, 89, ninety, 109, 112, 118 Ozanam, Blessed Frédéric forty three Q Quinn, John Archbishop 134 R papacy passim Parry, okay. a hundred thirty Paphnutius nine patriarchs 15–16, forty nine, 89 Patrick, St 17, a hundred thirty five Paul III, Pope ninety six Paul VI, Pope sixteen, 47–9, eighty two, ninety eight, 100–1, 122, 136 Paul of Neocaesarea nine Paul the Apostle, St 2–6, eight, 23, 60, 74–5, 79–80, 88–9, 104, 106, one hundred twenty five, a hundred thirty five peace forty eight, 97–9, 122 Pelagians 63–4, sixty five penance, sacrament of 39, forty, sixty one, 79–82 Perpetua, St 89 Persecution see martyrdom Peter Claver, St 31 Peter the Apostle, St 2, 14, 23, 88–9, ninety one, ninety two, 124, one hundred thirty five Phan, P. C. 133 philosophy see cause Rahner, ok. one hundred thirty Ramsey, Archbishop Michael forty eight Raphael Sanzio 12 Ratzinger, J. see Benedict XVI, Pope cause 25, forty three, forty four, fifty nine, 116–17 reconciliation see penance redemption see salvation Rees, E. 131 Reese, T. J. 133 Reformation, the 35–42, 64–6, seventy six, seventy eight, eighty one, eighty four, 86, ninety, 112 spiritual institutes 20–3, 33–5, forty, forty three resurrection 1, 7, eight, 66–8, 107 revelation 43–4, 51–6 Ricci, M. 31–2, 136 rights, human forty four, ninety seven Roberson, R. a hundred thirty Rosary, the 21, 108, 113–14 Rosvitha of Saxony 116 Rychlak, R. J. 132 141 Index P Catholicism S Trent, Council of 38–41, fifty six, sixty four, sixty six, sixty nine, 77–8, eighty one, 83–7, ninety Trinity, the 3–4, 57–62 Trypho 10 sacramentals 108–11 sacraments 39, forty, forty nine, 69–87, 106–8 saints 16–18, 20–3, 109–10, 111 salvation fifty two, fifty three, fifty five, fifty eight, 60, sixty five Schall, A. 32 Schatz, okay. 133 Scholastica, St 17, 119, 121, one hundred thirty five Schüssler Fiorenza, F. 129 technological know-how and faith 117 Scriptures see Bible seminaries 39–40 Septimius Severus, Emperor nine Sergius III, Pope 15 sexual order four, 99–101 sin four, 37, 38, 63–6, 79–82, ninety five slavery 30–1, 44–5, ninety six Soubirous, St Bernadette forty three Stalin, J. forty six Stations of the go, the 21–2, 108 Stephen, St eight Stourton, E. 134 unusual, R. 131 subsidiarity a hundred twenty five Sullivan, F. A. 131 Sylvester II, Pope 24 U city II, Pope 25, a hundred thirty five V Vatican Council, First forty four, sixty nine, 90–1 Vatican Council, moment passim Verbiest, F. 32 Vienne, Council of 35 Vincent de Paul, St forty three Virgil 117 Visser, M. 131 Vitoria, F. de 36 W Walsh, M. 134 warfare 45–6, 97–9, 122 Webb, D. 131 Wells, H. G. 117 Wiest, J. -P. 133 Woods, W. J. 133 Worcester, T. 132 worship 2–4, 7, 23, 30–1, 39–40, forty nine, 58–62, 72–9, 107–8 Wyclif, J. seventy one T Tacitus eight Tanner, N. P. one hundred thirty Taylor, C. 132 Teresa of Avila, St 36, 136 Teresa of Calcutta, mom (Blessed) a hundred and fifteen Tertullian 116 Thomas à Kempis 37 torture 26, ninety six culture 37, 39, 54–5 transubstantiation seventy seven X Ximénez de Cisneros, F.

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