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By David Wootton

Galileo (1564-1642) is without doubt one of the most vital & arguable figures within the heritage of technological know-how. Tackling Galileo as astronomer, engineer, & writer, this booklet locations him on the centre of Renaissance tradition. It attracts broadly on Galileo's voluminous letters, a lot of which have been self-censored & sly.

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Wilding argues that this is often the portrait given to Galileo through Sagredo in 1619, within which case it used to be painted no longer by means of Leandro yet his brother Gerolamo. The harbour of Aleppo is within the historical past – Sagredo used to be consul there from 1608 to 1611. (‘Galileo's Idol: Gianfrancesco Sagredo Unveiled,’ Galilæana three (2006), 229–45). 17 Attributed to Francesco Furini (1600–46) or to Cecco Bravo (1601–61), this fresco of Astronomy displaying the moons of Jupiter to Cosimo II, was once painted in 1621–3 in a Medici excitement condo, the on line casino di San Marco, and was once most likely commissioned by way of Cardinal Carlo de' Medici (1595–1666). It exhibits that the family members persevered to show pride in Galileo's discoveries after the condemnation of Copernicanism in 1616, yet its deepest situation indicates a definite warning in publicizing the relations tie to Galileo. 18 Justus Sustermans (1597–1681), a courtroom painter to the Medici, painted c. 1640 this workforce portrait of the Medici family members. It exhibits Cosimo II de' Medici (1590–1621) and his spouse Maria Magdalena (1589–1631) as they may have regarded in 1620, with their son Ferdinand II (1610–70), possibly as he checked out the time the portray was once produced. 19 This lately chanced on fresco through Jacopo Zucchi (c. 1541–c. 1590) indicates the gardens of the Villa Medici in Rome as they have been in 1576–7. It used to be the following that Galileo lived a riotous lifestyles in 1616, and the following that he was once in brief imprisoned after his condemnation in 1633. seeing that Galileo enjoyed his personal backyard he should have overjoyed in jogging and conversing the following. 20 Orazio Grassi went white whilst he picked up a duplicate of Galileo's newly-published Assayer (1623) in a Roman bookstall – possibly simply because he observed that it bore on its identify web page the palms of the pope (St Peter's keys and the Barberini bees at best centre). It additionally bears the emblem of Cesi's Academy of the Lynx–Eyed lower than the name. 21 This portrait of Maffeo Barberini, city VIII, comes from the 1st version of his poems, released in 1631. city, who had a connoisseur's style, used to be additionally portrayed by way of Caravaggio and Bernini. Campanella's luck at Urban's courtroom was once established partially on his unstinting compliment for Urban's poetry, of which city used to be inordinately proud. 22 The fresco of Divine knowledge (1629–33) by means of Andrea Sacchi (1599–1661) within the Palazzo Barberini. The portray can have been commissioned by way of Taddeo Barberini, one of many pope's nephews. this can be the simplest facts we've got for the cosmological perspectives of the Barberini kinfolk ahead of the condemnation of Galileo, even though its interpretation is way from easy (see under, no. 24, for an attractive comparability, which means that there's not anything Copernican in regards to the earth being portrayed as a globe floating in space). ( John Beldon Scott, ‘Galileo and concrete VIII: technology and Allegory at Palazzo Barberini’, in Lorenza Mochi Onori, Sebastian Schütze, Francesco Solinas eds, I Barberini e l. a. Cultura Europea del Seicento (Rome: De Luca Editori, 2007), 127–36). 23 The frontispiece to Galileo's discussion (1632) invitations the reader to consider the booklet as a functionality during which Galileo performs the a part of Copernicus.

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