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By Brian Cox

Taking readers on a panoramic visible and medical event, popular physicist Brian Cox unearths the sun approach as you have got by no means noticeable it prior to: from Saturn's moons, the place mammoth ice fountains spout into house and oceans are made up of liquid methane, to Jupiter, the place storms rage which are two times the dimensions of Earth and gigantic super-volcanoes dominate its tortured moon of Io.

Professor Cox takes you on a trip of discovery the place alien worlds turn into areas you'll find and discover. He introduces you to the planets and moons past our international, discovering the largest and so much strange and strong normal phenomena. He visits essentially the most incredible and severe destinations the following on the earth to unveil what our planet can show concerning the wonders of the sun System.

Employing his trademark authoritative but down-to-earth technique, Brian explores how those formerly unseen phenomena have dramatically multiplied our horizons with new discoveries in regards to the planets, their moons, and the way they got here to be the best way they are.

Includes 500 diagrams and full-color photographs

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Methane is all over in the course of the sun procedure, yet on the earth it's an risky, hugely flammable gasoline. positioned a fit to methane fuel and watch it pass up in flames. Lake Eyak in Alaska on Prince William Sound is a tranquil position to be within the early morning. The pine-covered foreground hills emerging up from the lake sometimes half to bare larger jagged peaks dappled with snow, even in early autumn, with an Alaskan kick back over the waters. past the picturesque, Lake Eyak is a smart position to come back to gather a substance that we all know is particularly ample on Titan. Methane is usual during the sunlight method, and right here on the earth it exists as a fuel that bubbles up from the depths of Lake Eyak. the ground of the lake is roofed in rotting plants. The lifeless leaves, damaged timber and twigs are damaged down through micro organism, whose metabolic approaches produce huge amounts of this unstable fuel. It’s effortless to assemble the methane that bubbles up – easily tip a ship the wrong way up and depart it in a single day within the lake. within the morning, the boat may be choked with methane fuel. It’s even more straightforward to teach simply how volatile methane is the following on the earth. placed a fit to a bag of methane and within the presence of oxygen you get what chemists name an exothermic response. Methane plus oxygen is going to water plus carbon dioxide, and a few strength. In different phrases, it burns. The Earth’s temperature and atmospheric strain suggest that methane can in simple terms exist as a hugely flammable gasoline, yet on Titan the features of methane are very assorted certainly. Titan’s mixture of atmospheric strain and temperature is ideal to permit methane to exist as an exceptional, a gasoline and a liquid. the pictures Cassini captured are titanic lakes of liquid methane, the first-ever discovery of a liquid pooling at the floor of one other global within the sunlight method. the biggest physique of liquid on Titan is a lake often called Kraken Mare. At over 400,000 sq. kilometres (154,400 miles), it's nearly 5 instances the dimensions of Lake more desirable, North America’s maximum lake. it's a precise ask yourself of the sunlight method; an unlimited expanse of liquid on a global nearly one billion kilometres from domestic. On Titan, methane performs the exact same position that water does the following on the earth. the place we have now clouds of water, Titan has clouds of methane with methane rain; the place we've got lakes and oceans of water, Titan has lakes of liquid methane; and while right here in the world the sunlight warms the water within the lakes and oceans and fills our surroundings with water vapour, on Titan the sunlight lifts the methane from the lakes and saturates the ambience with methane. in the world now we have a hydrological cycle, while on Titan there's a methanological cycle. there's no doubt that rain will be a fully magical sight on Titan. the ambience is so dense and the gravity of the moon is so vulnerable that the drops of methane rain may develop to a couple of centimetre in measurement and might fall to the floor as slowly as snowflakes fall onto the skin of our personal planet. tens of millions of gallons of liquid methane should have slowly rained down directly to the skin, making rivers and streams swell and burst, slicing deep gullies into the frozen water panorama.

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