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By Kimberly K. Arcand, Megan Watzke

An pleasing and obtainable journey to the main attention-grabbing stops within the cosmos. observed by way of dramatic visuals, Your price ticket to the Universe is a hybrid coffee-table booklet and box guide.

Beginning with our domestic planet, Your price tag to the Universe embarks on an exciting and available journey to the main fascinating stops identified within the cosmos. know about items close by inside our sunlight procedure (our yard in area, as a way to converse) in addition to wonders which are came across through the Milky approach galaxy and past (the so much far away and unique lands to explore). observed via amazing photos that carry the studying event to vibrant, instant lifestyles, Your price tag to the Universe is designed to create space exploration available to every person. Your price ticket to the Universe outlines the necessities somebody must understand, whereas piquing the reader's interest to benefit extra.

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Four, four. five, four. 6, nine. 1 existence on the earth: in harsh environments, 1. 1; origins, 1. 2, 1. three, 1. four, 7. 1 gentle. see additionally radiation: can't get away black gap, five. 1; urban, from house, 2. 1, 2. 2, 2. three; shades inside, 2. four; distortion via gravity (see gravita- tional lensing); now not given off by means of darkish topic, 6. 1; mirrored by way of the Moon, three. 1; pace of, three. 2, five. 2; obvious (see radiation, optical); wavelengths, 2. five, 2. 6 light-year M magnetic fields, 2. 1, three. 1, three. 2, three. three, four. 1, four. 2, four. three Mars, four. 1; drilling on, 1. 1; Earth websites which mimic, 1. 2, 1. three, 1. four; moons, four. 2; Nili Fossae, four. three; Olympus Mons, four. four, four. five; order within the sunlight approach, four. 6, four. 7; polar caps, four. eight, four. nine, four. 10, nine. 1; rover touchdown website, four. eleven; sand dunes, nine. 2; look for lifestyles, four. 12, four. thirteen; sundown, four. 14; Victoria Crater, four. 15; water or ice on, 1. five, four. sixteen, four. 17, four. 18; wind, four. 19, bm1. 1 Mars Exploration Rovers, four. 1, four. 2, four. three, four. four Mars technological know-how Laboratory mass, 6. 1, eight. 1, eight. 2, eight. three subject, darkish. see darkish topic Mercury, four. 1, four. 2, four. three microorganisms, 1. 1, four. 1 Milky means, 6. 1; anticenter, 6. 2; black holes, five. 1, 6. three, 6. four, 6. five, 6. 6, 6. 7; relevant zone, 2. 1, five. 2, 6. eight, 6. nine, 6. 10; collision with Andromeda, 6. eleven, 7. 1; distance from Earth, three. 1, five. three; fuel clouds, five. four, five. five, 6. 12, 6. thirteen, 6. 14; globular clusters, 6. 15; in neighborhood staff, 6. sixteen; Magellanic Clouds, five. 6, 6. 17, 6. 18; variety of stars within the, five. 7, 6. 19; starting place of brand, 6. 20; our place inside, 6. 21, 6. 22, 6. 23, 6. 24, 6. 25, 7. 2; evaluate, five. eight, 6. 26, 6. 27; rotation time, 7. three; measurement and form, 6. 28, 6. 29, 6. 30; in Virgo Cluster, eight. 1, eight. 2 missions: Apollo, three. 1; Cassini, four. 1, four. 2, four. three; Kepler, three. 2, nine. 1, nine. 2; Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter digital camera, three. three; Mars Exploration Rovers, four. four, four. five, four. 6, four. 7; Mars convey, four. eight; Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, four. nine, four. 10; MESSENGER, three. four; New Horizons, four. eleven; Phoenix, four. 12; SOHO, three. five, three. 6; Viking, four. thirteen, four. 14; Voyager, four. 15; Voyager 2, four. sixteen Moon: craters, three. 1, three. 2, three. three; distance from Earth, three. four; and eclipses, three. five, three. 6; far/dark part of the, three. 7, three. eight; formation, three. nine; minerals and water, three. 10, three. eleven; moonrise, nine. 1, nine. 2; levels, three. 12, three. thirteen; relative dimension, four. 1; and tides, three. 14 moons: Deimos, four. 1; Enceladus, four. 2, four. three; Europa, four. four, four. five, four. 6; Ganymede, four. 7; Io, four. eight, four. nine; of Jupiter, four. 10, four. eleven, four. 12, four. thirteen; of Mars, four. 14; of Neptune, four. 15; non-round, four. sixteen; Phobos, four. 17; of Saturn, four. 18, four. 19, four. 20, four. 21; Titan, four. 22, four. 23; of Uranus, four. 24 Mount Sharp N nebulas, itr. 1, five. 1; Ant, five. 2; Butterfly (IC 1318), five. three; Carina, five. four; Crab, five. five; Eagle, five. 6; Helix, five. 7; NGC 346, 6. 1; Orion, five. eight; planetary, five. nine, five. 10, five. eleven; mirrored image, five. 12; Rosette, five. thirteen; Tarantula (30 Doradus), five. 14, five. 15; Veil, frw. 1 Neptune, four. 1, four. 2, four. three, four. four Nili Fossae Nobel Prize nuclear fusion, three. 1, five. 1, 6. 1 O observatories. see telescopes oceans: Earth, 1. 1, 1. 2, 2. 1; Europa, four. 1, four. 2; Titan, four. three; Venus, four. four Olympus Mons, four. 1, four. 2 Oort Cloud, four. 1, four. 2 orbits: Earth, three. 1; Magellanic Clouds, five. 1, 6. 1, 6. 2; planets, results on stars, three. 2; transits, three. three P particle accelerators, nine. 1, nine. 2 photosynthesis physics, 6.

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